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Each piece in the Persephone collection explores colour and shape in an eclectic mixture of glass and wooden beads, gemstones and rhinestones, vintage and new, all lovingly crafted into a unique pattern. If you like one of our necklaces, buy it now, as no two are the same.

The legend of Persephone tells the story of a young woman whose mother, Demeter, tries to keep her innocent. But Hades, the king of the Underworld, falls in love with her and is determined to have her. He entices her to stay with him by feeding her pomegranates, the food of the underworld.

Demeter is so riven with grief that she fails to look after the earth, and instead of thriving, the world plunges into eternal winter.

To save human life, the gods decide that Persephone will spend half the year on earth and half the year in Hades. When she is gone from the earth, everything fades and the melancholy fruitfulness of autumn is followed by the bleakness of winter.

But when she returns, the world blazes into colour and light. Persephone is the woman who makes the world - and heads - turn.


Our Persephone Collection


Our Demeter collection


Our Hades Collection


Our Pomegranate Collection

STOP PRESS: Beautiful new lockets with agate beads for Mother's Day.

Gorgeous pendants in rose crystal, lapis lazuli, agate on our  Persephone page.

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