About Persephone

I love colour, which is why I make- and wear -  jewellery. I'm not sure what drove me to take a course at the Number One Bead Shop, but since I did I haven't looked back. Gillian, the tutor, has been endlessly helpful. 

The great joy of it is to make patterns from different colours, shapes and textures. As a child I had a set of pearlised coloured beads. I can't remember whatthe point of it was, just that I loved moving the different coloured beads around.

My latest rave is some green wooden beads shaped like apples which my sister Mary bought for me at Amble market in Northumberland. 

I also love these muted opalescent and pearly beads, made into a necklace for someone very special, my sister Kate, who's just passed her doctorate at Glasgow University.