About Persephone

I love colour, which is why I make - and wear -  jewellery. I'm not sure what drove me to take a course at the Number One Bead Shop, but since I did I haven't looked back. Gillian, the tutor, has been endlessly helpful. 

The great joy of it is to make patterns from different colours, shapes and textures. As a child I had a set of pearlised coloured beads. I can't remember what the point of it was, just that I loved moving the different coloured beads around.

I had the most exciting start to the day recently, when a package of  beads arrived, courtesy of my  sister Mary.  They're wood, which is not a material  I normally get excited about.

But these are brilliant colours and I discovered that the necklaces are incredibly light when they're made, very suitable for spring and summer.



At Christmas my nephew  Nick came over from his home in Dalian, China. 

He brought with him a whole collection of beads for me from him and his wife, Gigi.

There were beautiful  enamel beads, tiny little cloudy jade ones, long glass tube beads embellished with roses.

I liked the one below so much I kept it myself.


Look in our Demeter collection for  more necklaces like these.

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